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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

who saw The white rabbit?

Inspiration is essential to create each day as it is.
So let's start with a song that will follow the following:
Ask by The Smiths

Is there something that you'd really like to try? Do it. I mean, no matter what comes under "Inspiration" actually - great movie, train station, full of colorful different people and pigeons, Juliette Greco music, little rabbit named Šiaurė (North) recently living at my home (the White one, with a clock from Luis Kerrol's novel "Alice in a wonderland")!, exploring the abundant military building with a lot of wooden boxes and other things, improvising with sounds of the body and musical instruments five of us on a train (Vilnius-Valkininkai) with complete strangers (holy boy! that was so much fun ...and as for me, I discovered the sound of Kalimba, attached to the window), ... nap on a best friends shoulder on the way home or so many more little things that make you smile (then, when you are already smiling, don't forget to share it with strangers or those who you care about a little more, believe me it is so contagious). How to do it, or in the search for inspiration visit Staff Benda Bilili website: Listen to their music, watch the documentary about this band, or just read the bio. I am telling You, it is amazing, how and when you understand, that things in life should be taken with simplicity, commitment and respect.

Forgot to say (!) - let it be the Happy year for you and those, who You are surrounded by. May this year be better than previous but not as good as next. May each year be like this, wishing for it to be annual.

Now little about what happened since you've been reading me the last time. Well, to start, recent and unforgettable was VHS player and an old TV "Šilelis" that came to my place. Now watching old French movies and enjoying the black and white perspective. What is more, got a shoe from Melbourne as a present. One shoe with a black and white film inside, which came straight from New York. Sometimes So strange to realize, how all the things around travel from so far away and become a part of You.

Not to be forgotten - seaside for Christmas by train to be with those, who are close, like on Christmas Eve; a parcel (box) from Norway with honey, chocolate, 1 kilo of mustard and a postcard with Fjords! Martin and Hella surprised us to the bottom of our hearts... Unbelievable! But true.

Skiing is one of the main attractions and goes along with taking photos with Zenit-E and baking cookies with closest friends. What a time, what a journey!
So now just, working hard to fulfill The dreams. Still happy and more curious about life than ever before.
Keep in touch and have a good night and day

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