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Saturday, 24 October 2009

move in my own way. sofa songs or if I were a pilot

"J'ai donc dû choisir un autre métier et j'ai appris à piloter des avions. J'ai volé un peu partout dans le monde. Et la géographie, c'est exact, m'a beaucoup servi. Je savais reconnaître, du premier coup d'œil, la Chine de l'Arizona. C'est très utile, si l'on est égaré pendant la nuit."
Just trying to remember the weekend of: bonjour la Finlande, bonne nuit Vilnius.. starting the count down of slightly more than 48248s out of my hometown.
That was just a week ago. Unforgettable experience at 5-3-1 festival of New juggling, the feelings and the colors. Do you know what is the color of light? Finnish light? Well, doesn't really matter if you don't know or can't guess right now, I hope that someday you will find that out by yourself. What matters at this very moment is that Finland was very friendly to me. Too generous, I would say.. Kiitos guys - very very loud one!
And now I'm trying to move on. Quitting the job - not so easy. But you know, I simply have dreams - not so easy. Wanna be a pilot? Simply it just all starts from the beginning. All has it's own beginning of the beginning.
Some Priorities at the moment - Family, Archaeology, Dance, Musique, French and Russian languages and literature, Animation, Film making.. la Nature, Bicycle for enjoying the everyday life: Random...
Advice: Start growing herbs on your windowsill or bake a non-egg-apple pie!.. Just find your own odd-natural thing that you enjoy.

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